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What can you say? Limits of dorado again with some yellowfin and skipjack to boot. We have openings next week and would love to see you on the boat.
August limits dorado
Good signs - After a few down days, they found some yesterday afternoon...
The Bluefin were biting on our last trip!! Some passengers caught limits, most lost limits, but what a blast we had last Saturday. It felt good to have the fish boiling everywhere around the boat and hearing "Fresh one!" being  yelled in the background. The chaos that follows with multiple fish coming together in the bow while one crewmember is bent over the port gate with the Y and another has barely gotten to the passenger that managed to accidentally put their reel into freespool in the middle of the fight. This is the kind of chaos that that every crewmember lives for and it felt great this last trip!! We have a little weather coming through today but the ocean is supposed to lay down by tomorrow and be nice for the weekend. We are running for sure this Friday night with only 2 reservations so far which is unbelievable, with the opportunity we are getting now. We will be baited up and ready to depart at 7 PM out of H&M landing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to catch bluefin tuna in march!!
To say that we had good fishing today would be an understatement!!! One stop shop for limits of yellowfin tuna and 96 skipjack. We are starting to fill up this week but next week we are wide open and the fish are biting.
The fall fishing has been excellent and the last couple of trips have seen a larger grade of yellowfin and some yellowtail to boot. We are chartered all weekend but Sunday night is a for sure go with plenty of spots left. Get out while the getting is good!! Just added going for sure all week long we hope you can make it out with us!!  Update from today they have 60+yellowfin and a few handfuls of skipjack as of 11:00 am.  Reporting flat calm seas and biting fish this morning.
Epic day of fishing today!!!  A one stop shop for 13 bluefin  and LIMITS of YellowfinTuna. We left them biting for another day. We depart h&m Landing at 9 pm every night and we hope to see you on the boat.
Limits of yellowfin tuna again! Sold out through the weekend but we are running for sure every day next week! Book your spot now and don't miss out!
LIMITS of yellowfin tuna plus a handful of yellowtail so far for the day! They're still fishing so check back for a final count a little later in the day. We currently have three spots available for Sunday night, and lots of room during the week next week. Here is a video from yesterday's trip:
Awesome early report from captains Kley and Junior today: so far they have 95 yellowtail, 3 yellowfin, and 7 dorado. They're on the hunt for more tuna so stay tuned!

They finished the day yesterday with 48 yellowfin tuna and a bluefin tuna, but the real highlight of yesterday's trip was a pod of orca that decided to hang around the boat for awhile. It made for an epic trip that everyone will remember! 

A quick word from Captain Kley: he says now is the time to bring those bass rods out! We have some room this week but it is filling fast so book your spot soon!
Captain Kley just called in with an update: they have 130+ yellowtail and two dorado! They still have plenty of fishing time and they're looking to add some tuna or more yellows to the count so check back. Once again they have had ample opportunity for each angler to catch their limit. If you are unsure about your gear check with the captain or crew before departure. We are privately chartered tonight but we have lots of room in the next few days. We will be running for sure with some pretty light loads currently signed up. Book your spot now!
We returned this evening from another one day trip with 69 yellowtail,6bluefin and 2 yellowfin. We saw huge areas of bluefin in the afternoon and we had very good yellowtail fishing. We are running for sure everyday this week and we hope to see you on the boat!!
Yesterday was a fun trip!!  Had a great group of people and the fishing has been great.  We had a lot of casualties but that is to be expected when your dealing with this nice bluefin. We ended our day with 25 bluefin for our 13 anglers.  Just one shy of limits but the numbers don’t give the fishing justice!!!  We recommend nothing less than 50# test and equipment made for catching larger fish. We have coast guard on Thursday morning and we are running Thursday night for sure. Come on down and let’s get another shot at these trophy tuna.
Hi everyone we are heading back out tomorrow night with high hopes of getting on some of the fish that have been biting lately. Bring good tackle with fresh line!!  Recommending 40 to 50# for your fly lined baits and 80 to 100# for your flat falls. Most of the fish have been from 70#’s to 130#’s so make sure your tackle is in good working order. We have a 1 day Friday night and a 1.5 day leaving Saturday night. With the weather looking absolutely beautiful and a good shot at some nice bluefin you should get out and have some fun.
This run of bluefin tuna that we are having right now is incredible. If you want a chance to catch a trophy bluefin the time is now!! Limits of tuna by 1 pm. It doesn’t get any better🤙. We depart H&M landing at 7 pm. No passports needed.
We returned from our first offshore tuna trip of the year and what a trip it was!!!!!  We left the dock a little early and kicked the boat up with expectations of going 120 plus miles but on the way down we wanted to look at another promising area. Junior and I both looked at each other to see who would have to be up at midnight to look this other area over and Junior volunteered. Well Junior did what Junior does and found a nice school of fish and when I got up we had a few going and a few on the deck. We managed 8 nice bluefin out of our first stop and we were on the hunt for more. It wasn’t long and we found another really nice school and this one really wanted to bite. Everyone on board worked together and everyone was using the right equipment for the job!!  After the mayhem was over we had limits for everyone on board. These fish ranged from about 25#’s to over 85#’s with most of the being 40 to 70#’s our second place tuna weighed 85.6#’s at the dock. The tip of the trip was to use heavy line (100#) on a glow in the dark flat-fall 200 to 500 grams. Our next trip is sold out but we do have space on Friday the 19th, which departs H&M Landing  at 7 pm. We hope to see you on one of these epic trips.
November fishing
After the best yellowfin. Fishing of the year we are going back to 1 day overnight tuna trips for another week. We are online for Friday night and we expect excellent yellowfin fishing. Hop on these trips while they have spots open.
It just keeps on going. Limits of yellowfin tuna again this morning. We have two more nights of this fishing before we go bluefin fishing this weekend. Get out tonight or tomorrow night for the last couple of days of yellowfin or get out with us this weekend for a shot at a giant.
Wow what an epic day of yellowfin fishing !!!!! We had limits by about 9:30 this morning and we left them biting full speed. We will be running 1 day trips for the rest of the week but the big news is that we are going to start our 1.5 day trips this weekend. The bluefin are biting and we are going to get out there and put the wood to them. Bring your 40# to 130# test and your flat falls and help us start these trip off with a bang!!! Departing Friday night at 8 pm out of H&M Landing.
What an epic day of yellowfin fishing today!!!! We had limits by about 9:30 in the morning and we went looking for some yellowtail. We have been traveling extremely far for these fish but the rewards are worth it. The big news is that we are turning over to 1.5 day trips this Friday night. We will be targeting the bluefin tuna and they have been biting very well. Make sure you bring the heavy flat falls and rods ranging from 40 to 130# test. This should be a trip to remember.
Limits of tuna everyday for a week still openings Wednesday,Thursday,and Saturday nights.
Another epic day of tuna fishing on the Old Glory!!!  Limits for everyone involved and 32 skipjack to go with it. We are running everyday departing H&M Landing at 9 pm. Very light loads next week and epic fall fishing!
We have had some great days on the water in the last week. Here is a video from  the last few days. We have some trips coming up with very light loads, so get out there while the fishing is hot!
Final count for the boat is 335 mixed fish. 153yellowfin tuna, 180 skipjack tuna, and 2 dorado. We do have openings on Monday night the 3rd, Tuesday night the 4th and Wednesday night the 5th then we are booked up until Monday the 17th. If you want to get out with us get on one of these trips before they sell out.
The yellowfin are back!!! Excellent fishing for the fleet today!!!  After a couple of trips with mostly skipjack we were able to find the yellowfin again. With the nice weather coming and the huge schools we saw today I expect this fishing to bust wide open. Today we had our chances and we were able to land 121 yellowfin, 82 skipjack and 2 dorado. I feel we should have gotten done on the tuna today. In the first half of September we only have 3 days with opening they are departing on Monday September the 3 rd, Tuesday the 4th, and Wednesday the 5th. We hope to get you on these trips they are going to go fast. Good luck and tight lines Kley
Great day August 26
Mixed fish August 7th - Good evening! We had another great day out on the water today, finishing up with a mixed bag of dorado, yellowtail, and yellowfin tuna. 127 fish total, with gorgeous weather as well! We depart nightly at 9pm from H&M Landing. We have a few private charters and sold out trips coming up but there is still lots of room early next week. Book now and don’t miss out!
This week has been filled with personal bests and heartbreaks. Young Cody caught our biggest fish of the week with a 211.8#er. Everyday until Friday we had excellent shots at these big bluefin. Yesterday was a tough one in that we lost every fish we hooked until the last stop of the day when Lori broke the curse and boated a nice schoolie and got the skunk off of the boat. We have been targeting the larger bluefin all week as we did all morning but in the afternoon had to slide in with the fleet to try to save the day. Lots of schools up and the boat will be looking for more today. We are scheduled to run tonight and then our next trip will be on Wednesday night to locate the larger fish for the WON tournament.
Lots of foamers today. Great action. Get out while they’re up. Going for sure with Only 8 reservations for tomorrow’s trip. We’re not going to sit at the dock with this going on out there. Heading back out with 11 tonight to get another shot at these things.
Going for sure tonight at 7pm only 10 spots left.  Hope to see you our on the Old Glory.
Captain Junior reported catching limits of yellowtail and three dorado today. The big news is that they saw some yellowfin on a kelp that responded to the bait. They got bit on the jigs but lost the fish unfortunately.  Looks like the tuna are starting to show. I don't have pictures from today but here is a look at some of the fish we've caught lately.
The Old Glory was out there for the sun down bite! Pulled 20 bluefin tuna out of the stop. Definitely had a chance to catch a lot more. Ended up with 23 bluefin (15-30lbs) and 27 yellowtail for 25 anglers. Come visit today at Day of the Docks and we hope to see you out next weekend!
Here is some of last week's catch. With better weather conditions this weekend we are hoping to do even better. Let's get your picture up next week. The Old Glory leaves H&M landing tonight at 7p.m. We hope to see you on it.
Got some live squid on board! We have a 1.5 leaving tonight with plenty of room still available. The big bluefin are biting and we're ready for them! Bring your heavy gear!We recommend 50lb test and above. These big boys are ready to put on a fight! Call H&M landing to book your spot! H&M Landing
One of many spots of yellowfin tuna we were stopping in today. Wasn't too hard to find them just to get them to bite. They did bite bait on light line and the poppers today.
#Tbt a little early this week. This was the 137 pounder caught by Jim Ellis not to long ago. Come join us tonight for a very light load for a chance to get some more of these beauties. We're a for sure go with only 5 people!! Seeing a lot of fish and gonna have beautiful weather tonight! Call @hmlanding to book your spot now! 
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Deck hand Nate Ison with a great gaff on a very nice tuna this weekend.
Just a quick video I slapped together.  They will get better!! Ha. Just a quick look on how the fishing has been this past week. #oldglorysportfishing #gopro #saltycrew